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Roofing Shingles

Specialized in asphalt shingles and roofing since the foundation of the company, Toitures RR's contractors are among the most experienced on the market. Knowing how to meet all needs and knowing how to install all types of roofs, it is a trustworthy company that will meet all the requirements and will be able to offer unparalleled service every time.

Elastomeric Membrane

To avoid unpleasant surprises in your business or house, it is very important to have your roof waterproofed as quickly as possible and especially before winter. The elastomeric membrane is mainly used for flat roofs and lasts several years more if it is installed by professionals. Toitures RR's staff promises a fast and efficient installation that will allow you to live in comfort without the worry of a possible breakage.

Steel Roofing Installation

Despite its specialization in installing asphalt shingle roofs, Toitures RR also excels in more specialized installation for work such as flat roofs and steel roofing. The installation of steel roofs requires a different workforce and special attention that can not be found in all contractors. Do not hesitate to do business with the most efficient contractors for work of this magnitude. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Interior Renovations

In order to broaden its scope and to be able to promise a wider range of excellent services, Toitures RR can even take care of your interior renovation work so you do not have to go through several contractors for your dwelling. Do business with the best in the field and do not hesitate to choose us for all work, ranging from the roof to your home interior, we do not disappoint anyone.

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