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Do you have repairs to perform on your roof? Or even a new construction? For this kind of work, it is important to choose an experienced company that you can trust and that will ensure you a result beyond your expectations.

Proud of its many years of experience, Toitures RR possesses a very diversified baggage from laying to repair and even going as far as interior renovation. Specialized in both residential and industrial roofing, Toitures RR have no reservations about the work to be done. Indeed, all kinds of roofs, houses as flat roofs of commerce, are part of the wide range of services offered by the company.

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Our roofing services

Residential, commercial and industrial

Roofing Shingles

Whether it's for a small suburban home or even a business with a sloping roof, Toitures RR is committed to laying shingles on all types of roofs and using the best materials available.


Elastomeric membrane

Need to waterproof your roof? Toitures RR is involved in the installation of elastomeric membranes for all types of homes and businesses. Whether you are in town or outside, we will install your roof with professionalism and expertise.


Interior Renovations

Even if it's not in the roofing business, Toitures RR is committed to renovating the interior your house if need be. Contact us to request a quote now!